Build Tools is a plugin that lets you manipulate placed blocks with a gold pickaxe or gold axe for easier decoration and use.  It allows rotating specific blocks, such as stairs or furnaces, or swapping between block types to obtain blocks that are normally unobtainable, such as specific mushroom blocks or smooth double slabs.


In order to manipulate a block that qualifies for Build Tools, you will need to use a gold axe or gold pickaxe, the tool depending on the block you wish to manipulate. Simply right click on the placed block with the gold tool in your hand to manipulate it (either rotating it or swapping it between different block types). Blocks within a Fortress can only be manipulated by members of that Fortress. Destroying a modified block will give back the original block used to create it. Following is a table of the blocks that can be manipulated, the tool to manipulate them, and the effect:

Block Gold Tool Effect
Logs Axe Rotates Bark
Pumpkin Axe Rotates Face
Jack-o-Lantern Axe Rotates Face
Mushroom Blocks Axe Swaps Mushroom Block Type
Wood Trap Door Axe Rotates
Iron Trap Door Pickaxe Rotates
Stairs (Wood Types) Axe Rotates
Stairs (Brick Types) Pickaxe Rotates
Double Stone Slab Pickaxe Swaps Between Smooth & Double Slab
Double Sandstone Slab Pickaxe Swaps Between Smooth & Double Slab
Double Red Sandstone Slab Pickaxe Swaps Between Smooth & Double Slab
Double Quartz Slab Pickaxe Swaps Bottom Texture
Anvil Pickaxe Rotates
Ender Chest Pickaxe Rotates
Furnace Pickaxe Rotates
Dropper Pickaxe Rotates
Dispenser Pickaxe Rotates
Hopper Pickaxe Rotates
Piston Pickaxe Rotates
Sticky Piston Pickaxe Rotates
Repeater Pickaxe Rotates
Comparator Pickaxe Rotates



Normally when one places a log, it has 4 sides with bark and 2 showing the inside wood.


By using a gold axe and right clicking, it is possible to move the bark around and even have an all bark log!


Mushroom Blocks:

The only vanilla obtainable mushroom blocks have the red or brown mushroom cap textures on all 6 sides.


To gain access to the other mushroom textures, place either of the corresponding mushroom blocks (brown or red) and right click on it with a gold axe. This will let you access other normally inaccessible textures such as spores, stems or a mixture of the textures on various sides.


Double Slab Blocks:

If you place 2 slabs together for either stone, sandstone, red sandstone, or quartz you can use the Build Tools plugin to gain access to their normally inaccessible smooth texture variants. The picture below shows the double slab blocks on top, and the swapped smooth variants on the bottom.

The double quartz slab block smooth version only has 1 slight difference, the bottom texture changes slightly. The left quartz slab block in the picture below is vanilla, and the right is the swapped smooth version of it.


Once placed, a trapdoor can be moved around with a gold axe for wooden trapdoors, or gold pickaxe for iron trapdoors.


Be warned, if the trapdoor gets rotated to a position that is not acceptable (such as being hinged upon an air block), it will pop and return to being an item!



Normally one would have to right click a hopper directly on the desired block in order for the hopper to feed into that block.


With Build Tools, instead one can simply right click on it to change the direction the hopper feeds items!



Jack-o-Lanterns, and other items such as stairs, ender chests, anvils, etc. can have the direction they are facing rotated.